About us

Suvarna Karnataka Integrated Rural Development Society more commonly known as SKIRDS is a NGO organization registered under the karnataka society registration act of 1960(No-108/1997-96) and Income Tax 1961(12A80G) and registered FCR act of 1976 (No-094640071R/2004) constituted in 1997.SKIRDS journey begin with aim of supporting and organizing innovative services for rural and urban cities.The organization mission is to develop and promote innovative technologies to protect the environment for quality of life and good women.

SKIRDS next logical step is to set up a permanent solutions for human health care

Our Mission

SKIRDS mission is to reach the unreachable persons to the following Health,Education,Socio-economic Religions Cultural Development.

Our Vision

SKIRDS vision is to "No human should be suffered because of health". we concentrate on poors,disabled,orphans,downtrodden area development,forest and agriculture development.

  • 100 SHG's formed 1000 women are benifited under the SHG's scheme.
  • 30 school dropout children rehabilitated.
  • 1000 persons with disabilities provided supportive services ,aids and appliances